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Following the liquidation of Lamtex Ltd in January 2006, UK manufacturer Autobond Ltd bought all the manufacturing assets of the company.

Along with the assets and manufacturing equipment, Autobond has acquired the sole right to make and sell Lamtex parts and machinery, and the ability to provide guaranteed servicing to all Lamtex machines.

Autobond is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sheet-fed film laminators, with customers in more than 145 countries.The result of 30 years of designing, building, and servicing laminators provides customers with an unrivalled product range. The company's world headquarters in Heanor, Derbyshire, England, 130 miles north of London, is where all machinery, adhesives and films are manufactured.

Autobond exports laminating machinery worldwide and has an extensive network of demonstration/service centres to support the products. Autobond design, engineer, market, service and guarantee all of their laminating equipment themselves. Autobond realise that to remain world leaders in this field, they must maintain their high quality control standards and continue to invest in research and development.

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Diamond 102